CMP Double Header

*** Please read Club Safety Rules and Equipment List. ***

There will be two CMP GSM matches runnning concurrently with two M1 carbine matches.
You can shoot both GSM matches, both carbine matches, or one of each.

GSM matches are 300 pts and M1 Carbine matches are 400 pts.
We will be shooting SR targets at 200 yds for the GSM matches and SR-1 targets at 100 yds for the M1 Carbine.

GSM Rifles may be M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, or other US or Foreign Military Rifles that meet CMP guidelines.
Examples of the new Modern Military Rifles allowed by CMP are As-Issued, non-accurized AR-15, SKS, AK-47, AK-74 etc.

All rifles must meet the CMP guidelines, so please check the CMP Games Rulebook for details.

CMP award pins will be given to competitors according to the CMP Cut Scores.

Match Course of Fire: JOHN C. GARAND Course A or M1 Carbine match Course of Fire.

********************* IMPORTANT *********************

This is a CMP sanctioned match. In accordance with CMP rules, all individuals 18 and older must present a notarized Affidavit and Liability Agreement. CLICK HERE for more info.


CMP surplus 30-06 ammo available to competitors at 50 cents per round, (limit 80.)

Match fees are $12.00 per competitor (no ammo included.)

Registration begins at 8:30 am

Safety briefing at 9:15

Match begins at 9:30.