Required/Recommended Equipment List

This list is more or less in order of importance. You can't compete without items 1-6.

  1. Hearing protection (required) and eye protection. (highly recommended)
  2. Military rifle or handgun conforming to either the CMP as-issued criteria or our VMBAR.VMSAR criteria.  See CMP Games Rulebook or our VMBAR/VMSAR page.
  3. Magazines or clips. Rapid fire stages require one reload. (highly recommended).
  4. Ammunition of proper caliber, type, and quantity. (Usually 60 rounds + ~10 sighters) Either surplus*, commercial*, or handloads**.
  5. ECI (Empty Chamber Indicator) Available at the match for a small charge.(required)
  6. Money for entry fees.
  7. Shooting sling ( must comply with CMP rules.)
  8. Stapler and staples for posting targets. (Targets and Pasters are supplied by the range.)
  9. Timer or stopwatch.
  10. Shooting mat or equivalent.
  11. Spotting scope and stand.
  12. Shooting jacket (Only lightweight jackets allowed in VMBAR/VMSAR matches). New Rule Sept 2008.
  13. Tools and cleaning equipment.
  14. Plastic bag to hold empty brass. (Yes, you have to pick it up)
  15. Range bag to carry small items.
  16. Gun case.
  17. Sunscreen, insect repellent (not usually a problem), hat, map to the range, snack, drinks, money, etc.
  18. Ability to laugh at yourself.

*Surplus and commercial ammunition although of proper caliber is sometimes made more powerful than the firearm is safe to use. Be sure that you are shooting a safe combination of ammunition and firearm. Safety of your equipment is solely your responsibility.

** The safety of handloaded ammunition is solely the responsibility of the person shooting it. Do not use handloaded ammunition obtained from anyone to whom you would not entrust your life and the lives of those around you.