CMP Affidavit and Liability Agreement

Crosse Creek Rifle and Pistol Club is a CMP affiliated club.  Our CMP matches are supported by the CMP and we must abide by their requirements for these matches.  One of their requirements is a notarized Affidavit and Liability Agreement form. 

You only have to do this once. We will keep the document on file for future matches. Notary publics can be found pretty much anywhere legal documents are signed. Banks, lawyers' offices, etc. Your bank may notarize your form free of charge,  (Mine did.) Click Here to open the form .

Print the form and fill it in.  Bring the Notarized form with you to the match. 

Shooters who do not provide the Affidavit and Liability Agreement forms, will not be official participants in the CMP match.


Benefits of being an official CMP match participant: CMP participation certificates, (One of the eligibility requirements for purchasing CMP rifles) CMP award pins, (Look cool on your hat, range bag, shooting vest, etc.) Your scores will be posted on the CMP website for all the world to see, (OK, so maybe not a benefit.)