VM Match Report

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I missed this match due to being under the weather and CRS disease. Thanks to all who came out to shoot and especially to Jim for stepping in with zero notice and running the match. Jim also put up the best scores. Click here for the match results. Next month we will shoot our CMP Double header on the 4th Saturday as usual and then pack up to go shoot at the CMP Eastern Games at Camp Butner the next weekend.

Winter War Match Report

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It was chilly enough to qualify as a Winter War match but not bad at all. No where near like the Finns and Russians experienced I'm sure. The wet stuff held off and we had a nice day for a match. Congratulations to Jim and Jay for posting the best scores today. Click here for the scores. Thanks to all who came out to shoot and help with the match chores.

Next month we will shoot our regular vintage rifle match as we begin the warmup matches for the CMP Eastern Games.

January Match Report

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This year's matches are off and running with a great day for shooting. As expected it was a little chilly, but the sky was clear and the sun nice and bright so it really didn't seem cold at all. Congratulations to Ken and Jim for putting up today's top scores. Click here for match results.

We are updating our allowed rifles rule this year. When we began these matches we set a date of 1954 as the last year we would allow rifles to have been placed in service for our regular matches. Well, that was 15 years ago and so we are moving forward 15 years. Our new date for allowed rifles is now 1969. This new date allows more modern rifles such as the M1A and AR platforms as well as many foreign rifles as long as they meet our general rules. Rifle configuration must be similar to that issued to regular infantry troops for those time periods. In general this means iron sights, standard barrel and stock configuration and accurization only by careful selection of standard parts. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis at the match director's discretion. So if you have a rifle that has been neglected due to being "too modern," bring it on out and join the fun.

Swiss Rifle Match

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Better late than never. That was sure the case today. The weather could not have been better. I wish everyone could have been out to enjoy it. Four of us had a great day at the range and fired the Unofficial Swiss Rifle match. Three of us fired K31 Swiss rifles and David brought out a really sweet Swedish Mauser target model. True, it wasn't what we typically shoot in our vintage matches, but we were just out for fun anyway. Click here for the scores.

This wraps up our 16th year of vintage military rifle matches. I want to thank everyone who has participated through the years. I especially thank my fellow club members. Thanks Jay and Jim for always being there to help.

January we will kick off our new year of matches. I haven't posted the schedule yet but we will definitely begin with a vintage military double header in January.

WWI Match Report

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I don't know if it was too much turkey and gravy, or the silhouette targets but something put the hoodoo on all of us. Not one shooter turned in a scorecard without misses. That has never happened before. Nevertheless, it was a fair match and we had winners. Congratulations to Dave and Jim for holding up the best. Click here for all of the scores. Next month we will shoot our annual Unofficial Swiss Rifle match on Christmas Eve. I know some of you won't be able to make it, but we'll think of you... Click Here for the Swiss Match Details.

CMP Double Header

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What a great fall day to be at the range. Bright skies, cool temps and little or no wind. In spite of the perfect range environment I think we had more misses and saved rounds than ever. So if the scores are a little low please understand; it was still more fun than not being at the range on such a perfect day. We had 3 CMP award pins today. Click here for all of the scores and awards.

Next month is our annual WW1 match. Click here for details.

Sept VM Double Header Report

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The fall weather was a nice change. The sun was a bit bright at times and not so bright at others. While that played a little mischief with sight picture, it played with everyone the same. Congratulations to Jim and Ken who put up the best scores today. Chris joined us to break in a couple of nice new (to him) rifles. We hope you had fun in spite of the little hiccups you experienced. Click here for all of the scores.
Thanks to all for helping out with the match chores. Hopefully, I'll be fully back in the mix next month.

Vintage 2-Gun Match report

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As predicted we had a great day for a match. Not too hot, especially under the shaded firing line. We had mostly M1 Carbines for the rifles and for handguns we had several 1911A1s, a Lahti, an M1917 revolver, and a Hi Power. We all had a good time. Click here for all of the scores. Next month we will be back to business as usual on range#2 with our VM double header.

VM Double Header

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We had a good day for a match. A little breeze now and then kept the heat in check. Jim and Jay posted the best scores. Today everyone shot better in the second match. That is probably a first. Click here for all of the scores.

If the heat is keeping you home, remember that for the next two matches we'll be shooting on Range#1. With a shaded firing line and shorter walks, the summer matches are a lot more fun. Plus we get to shoot some different matches. Click here for the July match info.

Vintage Military Match Report

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For this Memorial day weekend match we had rifles from the US, Britain, Switzerland, Sweden, and Finland. Congratulations to Ken and Jay for putting up the best scores today. Click here for all the scores. Next month will be another Vintage Military Double Header. It could be warm, so bring plenty of water and your favorite vintage military rifle and join us at the range...