General Match Information

Our Vintage Military Rifle matches are structured with the surplus rifle collector/shooter in mind.  The matches are open to the public.  We run safe, fun matches giving people of all skill levels the opportunity to enjoy shooting their surplus military rifles.

We run two types of matches,  CMP and VMBAR/VMSAR.  Check the match calendar to see which type of match is scheduled this month.

Our VMBAR/VMSAR matches are for original military rifles as they were issued to regular infantry troops prior to 1969.  Some matches may be limited to particular types of rifles.  Click here for more details

CMP matches allow for modern military rifles to be fired such as M1A or AR-15.  See the CMP Games rule book for more information.

As a CMP affiliated shooting club, each year we hold several CMP affiliated matches.  These matches are conducted according to the same rules as the Eastern, Western, and National CMP games.   Participating in our matches will prepare shooters to compete at a national level.  Click here to learn more about the CMP.

VMBAR/VMSAR (Vintage Military Bolt-Action Rifle and Vintage Military Semi-Automatic Rifle) matches are more flexible.  We generally adhere to CMP rules as guidelines, but relax the formality somewhat.  We may use unconventional targets and allow different shooting positions and distances.

Our matches are geared toward the casual shooter, but certain equipment is required.  Other equipment will make your shooting experience more enjoyable.  Click here to see our Required/Recommended Equipment List.

 *****  Safety Rules  *****

All of our matches are run using the same Safety Rules.  Please take time to read and understand.  Click here to go to the Safety Rules page.

 *****  Entry fees and prizes  *****

Entry fees and prizes are modest.  We mainly focus on fun.  That doesn't mean we don't shoot our best, just that you won't get rich off of us.  Click here for current entry fees and prizes information.

If you want to improve your offhand scores without firing a shot, Click Here for the Offhand Dryfire booklet