CMP Rimfire Sporter

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Registration at 0830, Safety Brief/Match begins at 0900.

The match is fired with rimfire rifles firing .22 long rifle ammunition.
The rifle with sights and magazine must weigh no more than 7.5 lbs and have at least a 3 lb trigger pull.
You can shoot a semi-auto or manually-operated rifle as long as it has at least a 5 round magazine capacity.

This match is not intended for inexperienced shooters.
Shooters must be completely familiar with safe handling of firearms.
Shooters must also be competent in loading, unloading, and firing the particular rifle they plan to shoot.

There are three rifle classes:
    T-Class for traditional rifles having scopes or rear peep-sights.
    O-Class for traditional rifles having open or iron sights.
    TU-Class for rifles with non-traditional configurations having either open, aperture, or optical sights.
The new TU (tactical and unlimited) class incorporates the previous tactical class but has been expanded to include many previously disallowed stock and barrel configurations.

The only match type gear allowed is a spotting scope and shooting mat.

Please read the CMP Games Rulebook for the official details about this match.
Competitors whose scores meet the CMP award cut-scores will receive CMP award pins.

We typically shoot two matches so bring enough ammunition for both matches plus extra for sighting shots.

Each match consists of 60 record shots.
10 shots each in the following strings: 
  • Slow fire prone - 50 yds
  • Rapid fire prone - 50 yds
  • Slow fire sitting or kneeling - 50 yds
  • Rapid fire sitting or kneeling - 50 yds
  • Slow fire standing - 25 yds
  • Rapid fire standing - 25 yds.

There is a sighter period at the beginning of the match.  5 minutes, unlimited rounds.
Slow fire strings are fired in 10 minutes.
Rapid fire is conducted in 2 strings of 5 shots each.  25 seconds for semi-auto and 30 seconds for manually operated rifles.

CMP award pins are given to shooters based on their total scores.  Click Here for the current CMP cut scores for awards.

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