All Black Powder Shooters are welcome.

Bring your traditional flintlock rifle, caplock rifle or inline rifle, shooting patched round ball.
Have a flintlock or caplock single-shot pistol or a cap and ball revolver?
Want to learn how to load - shoot - clean your rifle or pistol/revolver?
Target shooting at 25yd, 50yd, 100yd.
Help is here for the beginner.

Traditional Black Powder Matches Held on Range #1 on the Second Saturday of each month at 0900. NMLRA rules apply.
Contact for info.

BPCR Matches held on Range #2 on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 0830. NRA/BPCR rules apply.
Contact for info before coming out to range.  Match schedule is flexible.

North Carolina NMLRA Territorial

Click here for Territorial Information.