Crosse Creek Rifle and Pistol Club

Range Safety Training

Range safety training is usually held at 1100 on the Sunday before the next club meeting. 
Other days and times can be arranged by appointment.  Click here for club contact information.

Sponsoring members of CCRPC must be present for the range safety training along with the prospective members.
Meet on range #1 at one of the picnic tables.
Allow at least 2 hours for the Range Safety Training.

What prospective members need to bring:
What to expect:

The club rulebook will be covered and any questions will be addressed so that all prospective members understand the club rules.  Each prospective member will receive a copy of the rulebook to keep for reference. The Training Officer will take prospective members and sponsors on a tour of the ranges and explain the specific rules as they apply to each area.

NRA Safe Gun Handling rules apply at all times.