Crosse Creek Rifle and Pistol Club

Contacts Listing

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Board of Directors

President Jack Kelley President*
Vice President Jim Sheckels VicePresident*
Treasurer Bill Bowling Treasurer*
Secretary Drew Bridgeman Secretary*
Membership Buck Buchanan Membership*
Member At-Large Ken Butler AtLarge1*
Member At-Large Tony Forte AtLarge2*
Member At-Large Bob Tiffany AtLarge3*
Member At-Large Gary Ferris AtLarge4*

Other Contacts

Range Maintenance Officer Gary Ferris Range*
Range Safety Officer Tony Forte Safety*
Training Director Gary Ferris Training*
HP Match Director Drew Bridgeman HighPower*
SmallBore Match Director Gary Ferris SmallBore*
Defensive Pistol Match Director Dick King DefPistol*
3-Gun Match Director John Hudson 3Gun*
BPCR Match Director Jay Ferguson BPCR*
BP Match Director Buck Buchanan BlackPowder*
CMP Rimfire Sporter Match Director Jim Popp RimfireSporter*
VM Match Director Bill Bowling VMShooters*