Crosse Creek Rifle and Pistol Club

Vintage Military 3-Gun Match

This match will consist of 4 stages. 

Shooters will be divided into 4 groups to determine which stage they will start first.  After firing each stage, shooters will proceed to the next stage, returning to the first until all stages are fired.

No sighting shots will be fired but spotting scopes may be used to adjust fire during the stage.

The carbine Field position stage may be fired from any position except prone using any available support.  Benches, Posts, etc may be used, but no sandbags or benchrests.  Benches will be used to simulate shooting over a wall or from behind cover.  Sitting on benches is not permitted except by shooters with physical limitations.*** Equivalent support will be accessible to all shooters, shooters may not provide their own.

The pistol stage may be fired using a one or two hand grip.

Firearms allowed:

If you would like to shoot this match but lack one of the specified firearms, contact the match director ASAP to arrange for a loaner. We will put you in touch with a friendly, generous vintage shooter who will loan a weapon and assist you with procuring the needed ammo supply.

Vintage Rifle:
Any original bolt action or semi-auto military rifle from any nation originally placed in service prior to 1954. The rifle must be in as-issued configuration as it was used by regular infantry troops. No scopes, match sights, match conditioned actions or bedded stocks are permitted. Trigger pull weight must be at least 3.5 lbs. Original or reproduction military slings may be used. Rifles must be chambered in the same caliber as was used while in military service.

Vintage Carbine:
Same rules as for vintage rifle except a carbine-length barrel. While some vintage weapons are named carbines, (K98, K31) we are restricting these stages to short barrelled rifles. Examples are M1 Carbine, AK-47 (semi-auto only please), Russian M44, M38, SKS, Enfield No 5, etc.

Vintage Pistol:
An original, replica, or clone of a WWII or earlier military pistol or revolver. Vintage pistols must be in original configuration with fixed, as-issued sights and original calibers. Examples are US M1911 or 1911A1, US M1917, M&P or Victory model revolvers, FN Hi Powers, British Webleys, Japanese Nambus, German P1, P38, Luger (P08), PP, PPK, Russian TT-33, 1895 revolvers, etc.

Factory, surplus, or hand loaded ammo is allowed. If you load your own, you must load within safe, published limits.

Course of Fire:

# Rounds
Prone Slow
200 yds
5 Minutes
Prone Slow
100 yds
5 Minutes
Field Rapid
50 yds
90 Secs.
Offhand Slow
25 yds
5 Minutes
*Shooters must perform either a magazine swap or reload during the rapid fire stage.
All Stages will be preceded by a 3 minute prep period.

*** We are happy to accommodate shooters with physical limitations that prevent shooting from the specified positions. We will permit you to shoot from various bench positions that will approximate the difficulty of the regular positions.