Crosse Creek Rifle and Pistol Club

Swiss Rifle Match (unofficial)

Thanks to the generosity of Steve Hurst and Carmel Gun Club, we have official Swiss Rifle Match targets.  Carmel Gun club holds officially recognized Swiss Rifle matches. While you won't get a medal from the Swiss government at our match, we will try to keep to the official match program.  Click Here for information from Carmel Gun Club.

Swiss rifles are encouraged, but not required.  Any of the rifles we allow in our vintage military matches can be used. Click Here for more info.

All shooting is done from the prone position and targets are placed at 300 yds.  There will be both slow fire and rapid fire strings.  We will fire sighters to get everyone a working 300 yd zero before we begin firing for record.

Most of the strings are fired using an impromptu sort of rest.  You should bring a rucksack, backpack, or something to use for the rested position.  You may not use mechanical bench rests.  You can stuff the bag with whatever you like.

All 3 Swiss matches combined will require 60 - 70 rounds (more if you have difficulty getting the 300 yd zero.)  Time permitting, we may double up and repeat all 3 matches again, so bring ammo for a repeat if you like. (about 120-130 total rounds estimated.)  If we double up the matches, you may shoot a different rifle the second time.

We will be using a couple of vehicles to make the runs for scoring, so you won't be worn out from the 600 yd hikes.

*** We are happy to accommodate shooters with physical limitations that prevent shooting from the specified positions. We will permit you to shoot from various bench positions that will approximate the difficulty of the regular positions.