Rapid Fire String,  Match #1,  June 26, 2010.

Below is a short video taken of the rapid fire stage of our first match on June 26, 2010.  Note the shooter next to the stool.  He is shooting a Martini-Enfield 45-70 Single Shot rifle.  The shooter is Scott McMillan.  Scott has brought single shot rifles to the matches several times and gets no special consideration in the rapid fire strings.  We wanted to get this on video just to show how it can be done.  Scott scored an 85-0X on this particular target.  Not perfect, but watch how quickly he gets on target after each reload.  No time to get the sight picture perfect.  If you watch the time you'll see that from his first to last shot took about 73 seconds.  Good shooting Scott.

Click on the Play button in the middle of the screen to view the video.